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Gossip, Events, and Booze

Hick Ville

Blechertown Bitches: Gossip, Announcements, Booze
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Welcome to Belchertown Bitches:Gossip, Announcements, and Booze.

Thsi is a community dedicated to the dirty little secrets our Small town holds. Its meant for the use of Middle&High Schoolers to post there rants about the small town, Gossip about the people in this small and town, and announcements on small town events and parties. theres a few ground rules though.

1. When you join, please post a small bio about yourself, including you name and age and stuff liek that. We know you live in Belchertown so wahts the point of stating it?

2. Pictures are WELCOME. post one as a teaser and then put the rest under a cut. We don't want you over taking our Friends pages.

3. I know everyone ahs to promote as somtime or another, if you REALLY feel the need to do so in this community, please put it under a cut with it labeled as "Promotion"

4. Gossip is all good and fun, but to keep it clean use initials and not full names. We'll be able to put 2 and 2 together.

5. If your going to get upset over a little gossip, don't join.

6. Please update frequently so the community doesnt die. taht would be a shame.

7. Promoting concerts or other events in Western mass is WELCOME! we all need to know where the fun is!

And thats it. Simple enough i hope?

Well start spilling!

O yeah. And the header is about how in belchertown we have more liquor stores then activities or churches. I find that amusing and proof that we are TRUE hicks.